Since the company foundation established in 1985, Elmer Ingo has always been distinctively different and prospective Swiss watch Manufacturer.

The company has transformed from a small private label watch factory into today's an international watch manufacturer with its own brand: Elmer Ingo.

Boldness of Creation, passion and precision has been the foundation of ELMER INGO philosophy. A foundation that bases on providing high quality, durable and creative timepieces drawing the inspiration from the traditional accuracy watchmaking with the very latest technologies. ELMER INGO focuses on the invariable luxury watch markets by the steep power of confident designs, extraordinary technical feathers as well as the perfection of finishing technique. It's helped the young brand to achieve their success and won its reputation as a trend setting watch manufacturer.

ELMER INGO creates a series of impressive stunning masterpieces at every stage of its evolution. Theses timepieces are the compound of technological and distinctiveness of timekeeping innovation. These include the amazing "OVALE", the luxury ladies fashion of "COROLLE" and the superior "SOLEIL" collections. And above all, those exceptional pieces recreating the refine and wonderful craftsmanship of the olden days, with dial and hands painted in the customs of miniatures or enameled, or even engraved by hands on Mother of pearl. For some of the limited collectable models, their immaculate watch case and dial are even composed with precious stones.
Indeed, ELMER INGO offers a very wide range of unique collection which inspires the passion of watch collectors and their attitudes of luxury watch making. In the present and further, ELMER INGO will continue to preserve the prestigious of exactitude and inventive of luxury watch making, and will always constitute and pursue the very soul of "Precision of Style".

The ancient Greeks had a word for a person whose high achievements inspired the respect and admiration of others - . The name ELMER INGO is derived from that word and conveys all the esteem, the strength and the intelligence with which the brand is proud to be associated. The symbol with the encircling letter 'e' creates an image which not only represents the brand's initial E but also its commanding quality and design excellence.

These are evoked, too, in its uncompromising motto: "The Precision of Style". Superb components and meticulous craftsmanship are allied to a strong design personality to make each ELMER INGO timepiece, like its namesake, instantly recognizable as an expression of strongly individual taste.